About B.D.Thote dairy start

Mr. Baburao Dada Thote. Founder, B.D.Thote Dairy Ashta, Maharashtra

Before the third generation of B.D.Thote started their dairy projects in the area, the region might have had a limited supply of dairy products, and the quality of the available products may have been inconsistent. The B.D.Thote likely saw an opportunity to fill this gap in the market and provide their community with high-quality and nutritious dairy products. They may have invested in the necessary infrastructure, such as a dairy farm and processing unit, and worked hard to build a reputation for excellence in the industry. Their dedication and commitment to quality may have paved the way for future generations to continue the legacy of the family business and contribute to the local economy.

The second generation of the dairy business likely inherited a thriving enterprise from their parents, built on the foundation of hard work and commitment to quality established by the first generation. With the benefit of this strong foundation, they may have focused on expanding the business, building on their parent’s success, and exploring new opportunities to diversify the product range and increase sales. The second generation may have also invested in new technology and equipment, improved operational efficiencies, and developed a loyal customer base by maintaining the high standards of quality established by the first generation. Their dedication and hard work may have led to the continued growth and success of the family business, ensuring its continued contribution to the local economy and providing customers with the best quality dairy products possible.

Mr. Mahavir B. Thote.

2nd Generation 

B.D.Thote Dairy Ashta

Mr. Gaurav M. Thote.

3rd Generation

B.D.Thote Dairy Ashta

The third generation of the dairy business, building on the foundation established by their predecessors, may have focused on expanding the business and exploring new markets. They may have invested in new technology and equipment to increase efficiency and productivity and worked to streamline operations and reduce costs. The third generation may have also explored new product lines, such as flavored milk or dairy-based snacks, to diversify their offerings and appeal to a broader customer base. They may have also established partnerships with other businesses to expand distribution channels and increase sales. In addition to expanding the business, the third generation may have also focused on maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability, ensuring that their dairy products meet the expectations of their customers while minimizing their environmental impact. They may have also embraced new technologies and practices to improve animal welfare, such as implementing new feeding or housing systems. Overall, the third generation’s focus on expansion, diversification, and innovation may have helped the family business continue to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive market while remaining true to its core values of quality, sustainability, and animal welfare.


A dairy vision typically outlines the long-term goals and aspirations of a dairy business. This may include a commitment to providing high-quality and nutritious dairy products to customers, while also prioritizing animal welfare, sustainability, and innovation in all aspects of the business.

A strong dairy vision may include a focus on continuous improvement and growth, with the goal of expanding the business and increasing its market share. It may also involve a commitment to environmental stewardship, such as reducing waste and energy consumption, and promoting sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

In addition to these broader goals, a dairy vision may also include specific targets and metrics to measure progress and track success over time. This could include targets for product quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental impact, among other areas. By setting clear goals and objectives, a dairy business can ensure that its vision is aligned with its values and priorities, and that it is making progress towards achieving its long-term aspirations.

OUR Mission

A dairy mission statement typically outlines the core values, purpose, and goals of a dairy business. It often serves as a guiding principle for the organization, providing direction and inspiration for employees and stakeholders.

A strong dairy mission statement may emphasize the importance of producing high-quality, nutritious dairy products, while also prioritizing animal welfare, sustainability, and community involvement. It may also include a commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and continuous improvement in all aspects of the business.

A dairy mission statement may also reflect the unique values and priorities of the organization, such as a focus on local sourcing or support for small-scale dairy farmers. It may be communicated through various channels, such as the company’s website, marketing materials, or employee training programs.

Overall, a clear and compelling dairy mission statement can help to differentiate a business from its competitors, inspire and motivate employees, and guide decision-making and strategy development over the long term.


Some of the key values of our dairy business:

  1. Quality: A commitment to producing the highest quality dairy products through rigorous quality control measures and attention to detail.

  2. Sustainability: A focus on minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

  3. Animal welfare: A dedication to ensuring that all animals are treated with care and respect, with a focus on providing comfortable and humane living conditions.

  4. Innovation: A willingness to embrace new technologies and practices to improve efficiency, productivity, and product quality.

  5. Community involvement: A commitment to supporting local communities and contributing to social and economic development in the areas where the company operates.

Overall, the values of a dairy business are designed to reflect its core principles and priorities and to ensure that all aspects of the business are aligned with these values. They serve as a foundation for building a successful and sustainable dairy business over the long term.